Friday, July 2, 2010

Chicago by Boat

My German cousin Ingrid and her husband, Reiner, recently came to Chicago to visit for the first time ever! We started the sightseeing by taking in an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River. I can't think of a prettier, more relaxing way to get introduced to the city where I grew up. And of all the historical and architectural talks my aunt Mary Therese Griffin took on after she "retired" from being a history teacher, this particular tour, with its lake breezes and soaring skyscrapers and colorful background, was by far her favorite for many years. You can book a tour of your own at


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Mary, I took that same tour earlier this spring, loved it. There was beautiful scenery in every direction. I attempted to capture some great photos - yours here blow the doors off the ones I actually got. Great job.

cruises chicago said...

Such a nice place to visit.